Monday, January 7, 2013

Installed Ubuntu on a VirtualBox

A much more simple, clean, and easier way to install Ubuntu without ever having to mess with partitions. What I love is I can also access Ubuntu with just a click without having to reboot my whole system.

VirtualBox provides virtualization of an operating system in the comfort of your natural operating system!

Make sure you install Guest Tools on it too, or you'll get a headache with the mouse integration (with the cursor flickering everytime you click something)

Installed Eclipse and Eclipse-CDT (addon for C/C++) along with MySQL + Workbench. After that I was ready to get to work.

In my next post, I will talk about C/C++ server programming, getting into depth with BSD sockets and using method poll with a vector and a pointer for unlimited amounts of connections! And then I will reveal my theory of handling client requests in the server program and, later, using Objective-C and Cocos2d to interact with the server!

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